PUBLICATION : The Class Action Effect / L’Effet de l’Action Collective

Class Actions Lab’s 2017 colloquium is now followed by a collective work published by Éditions Yvon Blais, The Class Action Effect / L’effet de l’action collective. 

This collective book gathers 13 texts, in English or in French, from the colloquium organized by the Class Actions Lab of the Université de Montréal, in collaboration with the Center on Civil Justice, NYU School of Law, in May 2017.


Table of Content

  • The Fourth Dimension to Class Actions: Access to a Meaningful Benefit
    Catherine Piché
  • Collective Action and Class Action
    Samuel Issacharoff
  • L’action collective et l’intérêt public
    Daniel Jutras
  • Class Actions Come of Age in Ontario
    Janet Walker
  • Furthering Society’s Interests: The Importance of Using (and Mitigating) Classwide Punitive Damages
    Gabriel Panek
  • European Collective Redress and Compensation: Reality or Illusion?
    Stefaan Voet
  • L’autorisation de l’action collective : raisons d’être, application et changements à venir
    Veronica Aimar
  • Do Class Actions Deter Wrongdoing?
    Brian T. Fitzpatrick
  • Some Law & Economics of the Class Action
    Ejan Mackaay
  • What Tax Law Has to Say About Ortiz v. Fibreboard Corp. and the Valuation of Contested Legal Rights: Loosening the Independent Valuation Requirement
    Jordan Rux
  • Le danger d’abaisser le seuil d’autorisation en matière d’actions collectives – Perspectives d’un avocat de la défense
    Claude Marseille
  • La pratique de l’action collective québécoise 1979-2017 : de l’espoir à l’inquiétude
    Pierre-Claude Lafond
  • Comment l’action collective est devenue la procédure qu’elle est aujourd’hui / How the Class Action has evolved to become the procedural tool it is today
    Hon. Richard Wagner

The book is available HERE.


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