Katerina Kostopoulos

LL.B. student

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Reasons why I am interested in Class Actions Lab activities :

I was first exposed to the class action device in my Civil Procedure course taught by Professor Catherine Piché. Eager to learn more about this procedure, I began volunteering in the Class Action Laboratory and had the privilege of assisting Professor Piché and her team in the planning of a North American conference on class actions. Last fall, I enrolled in Professor Piché’s Comparative Class Action Seminar where I was given the opportunity to expand my knowledge of class actions not only in the province of Quebec and in Canada, but in other countries as well. My classmates and I participated in videoconferences with law students and professors from Tilburg University and the University of Chile, during which we exchanged information on our respective class action system. This seminar encouraged me to reflect on Quebec’s current class action model and question how it can be improved in order to better meet its objectives (namely, access to justice, behavior modification, and judicial economy). I look forward to continue volunteering in the laboratory alongside Professor Piché and a brilliant team of students with whom I share an interest in class actions.

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