A few pictures of our last event / Réflexions étudiants sur l’action collective

On May 14, a conference entitled Réflexions étudiantes sur l’action collective was held @Université de Montréal. In front of more than 20 guests, our students expressed their thoughts and concerns about class actions.

While waiting for full video caption of the conference, here are some pictures of the event :

Our speakers with Class Actions Lab’s director, prof. Catherine Piché

From left : Jessica Lelièvre, William Plante-Bischoff, Katerina Kostopoulos, prof. Catherine Piché, Andrea Roulet, Alexandre Csudzi-Vallée and Shana Chaffai-Parent.


Alexandre Csudzi-Vallée in action, with Me Clara Poissant-Lespérance, which intervened as commentator. 


Shana Chaffai-Parent, another speaker, with Me Shaun Finn, which intervened as commentator. 


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