News from the Class Actions Lab!

Summer has arrived, and students at the Lab are getting back to hard work!


A team of four students is now working on different research projects related to class actions. A collection of empirical data is currently underway, and our team is moving from courthouse to courthouse to find information.


You can read HERE June’s edition of the Center on Civil Justice Newsletter that highlights the participation of NYU School of Law in the organization, in collaboration with the Class Actions Lab, of the Colloquium held on May 19th (the full contents of which can be viewed HERE. Thanks to NYU School of Law and Professor Samuel Issacharoff for their help, friendship and support. Special mention to Mr. Gabriel Panek, and Mr. Jordan Rux, two NYU students, who came straight from New York to deliver a presentation at the colloquium.


On behalf of all members of the Class Actions Lab, we wish you an excellent summer!

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