BLOG / L’affaire Volkswagen : Une révolution pour les actions collectives en droit de l’environnement?

By : Alexandre Csuzdi Vallée French version only L’affaire Volkswagen ne nécessite plus de présentation. Le constructeur automobile allemand s’est fait pincer après avoir équipé certaines de ses voitures d’un dispositif permettant de fausser les statistiques d’émissions polluantes. Comme on pouvait le présager, des actions collectives ont été lancées à Montréal au nom des propriétaires et […] Read more


Comparative Law : An Empirical Study of Australia’s Class Action Regimes

An Empirical Study of Australia’s Class Action Regimes Fifth Report: The First Twenty-Five Years of Class Actions in Australia Please find HERE the fifth report issued as part of an empirical study of Australia’s class action regime, conducted by professor Vince Morabito (Monash University – Department of Business Law and Taxation).  Abstract : March 2017 marked the 25th […] Read more


BLOG : The Authorization Stage in Quebec’s Class Action: Useful or a Mere Formality?

By : Jessica Fruchtermann & Katerina Kostopoulos In theory, the authorization stage represents a crucial part of any class action proceeding. Pursuant to Article 574 of Quebec’s Code of Civil Procedure [hereinafter “C.C.P.”], a person is required to obtain court approval before instituting a class action[1]. Essentially, the judge must determine whether the four cumulative criteria outlined […] Read more


Professor Piché latest article in the Canadian Bar Review : Le Recouvrement et l’Indemnisation des Membres dans l’Action Collective

Find here the latest article of professor Catherine Piché in the Canadian Bar Review. LE RECOUVREMENT ET L’INDEMNISATION DES MEMBRES DANS L’ACTION COLLECTIVE Summary : This article aims to analyze, the process that leads to the recovery and distribution of amounts awarded to class action members, in accordance with the relevant sections of the new Code […] Read more

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News from the Class Actions Lab!

Summer has arrived, and students at the Lab are getting back to hard work! Research A team of four students is now working on different research projects related to class actions. A collection of empirical data is currently underway, and our team is moving from courthouse to courthouse to find information. Collaboration You can read HERE […] Read more